7 Tips for Firework Safety


The Fourth of July is one of the most celebrated holidays in the U.S. and we often celebrate with fireworks, which are beautiful but can also be dangerous. Fireworks are intriguing to people of all ages – young people are intrigued by them and for adults, they can make us feel like a kid again. There are, however, some tips that will keep you and your family safe.

1. Never let children play with or ignite fireworks without adult supervision, even sparklers. One quarter of emergency room visits on the fourth of July are from injuries caused by sparklers being held too close to the body.

2. The stick on a sparkler burns at nearly 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s five times the temperature that causes water to boil! Glass melts at 900⁰ F. Do not for any reason touch the stick on a sparkler while it’s burning and have a small bucket of water handy for putting sticks in once the sparkler fizzles out.

3. Follow all the directions on fireworks and never use them for anything more than they were intended—something pretty to look at.

4. Always have water handy when dealing with fireworks. Having a hose is best, but a bucket of water will suffice in a pinch. Along these lines, you should also have your phone in case the fireworks become uncontrollable or start a fire you can’t handle.

5. Only light fireworks on smooth, flat surfaces away from dry leaves and paper. Usually the best place is at the end of your driveway away from everyone else, just be careful of cars in the area.

6. If fireworks malfunction and don’t completely fire correctly, don’t try to re-light it. This is when many injuries occur, as that firework is already primed to shoot off. Instead, douse it and soak it with water instead, then throw it away.

7. Never ignite fireworks inside of a container. None of them will keep the firework contained. Not only will the firework potentially injure you, but containers that are made of glass or metal will potentially shatter and send shrapnel towards you and others.

Last but not least, while staying safe, it is important to have fun and remember the reason for the holiday!

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