7 Things to Buy After Christmas

You may have taken advantage of Black Friday sales and deals throughout the holiday season, but there are some items that you should consider stocking up on after Christmas as retailers look to clear their inventory.

1Clothing & Outerwear

Apparel and accessories will be drastically reduced after the holidays. Anything like pajamas or other items that are considered a “gift” item will be reduced. Also, look for great deals on coats. Come January, we will need those coats!

2Christmas Decor 

Holiday decor items are always on sale after Christmas. It’s a great time to stock up on wrapping paper, lights, and even those storage items. Rubbermaid items with green or red tops will be marked half-off after Christmas. Stock up on those storage items that you can use year round.

3Wedding Gifts

I know it sounds odd but yes you can buy wedding gifts after Christmas. All of those small appliances that will be marked down make great wedding presents. Linens and plates will also get marked down and not all of them have Christmas decor on them.

4Fitness Equipment

One of the biggest resolutions for January is to get fit. All of the sporting goods stores will mark down their fitness equipment right after Christmas. Time to make that New Year’s resolution happen now!

5Future Holiday Gifts

Right after Christmas is Valentine’s Day. You can find great gift items that you can buy ahead for future holidays all at a fabulous price.

Here is what we suggest you don’t buy after Christmas: electronics.  Best time to buy a TV is right before the Super Bowl. If you are looking for a tablet, wait until the new model comes out, older models will then be discounted.


It’s a good time to stock up on your favorite bubbly for toasting or making mimosas. You will find lots of specials after Christmas leading up to New Year’s Day.

7New Car

DealsNews says you can find the best pricing on cars at the end of December as new models will roll out. Maybe, they will even throw in a big red bow.

Let us know what great deals you find this week.