7 Suspects Arrested During a Nationwide Sweep


Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office

Seven suspects wanted for domestic assault and related crimes in Rutherford County were arrested Wednesday during a nationwide sweep, a Rutherford County Sheriff’s captain said.

Sheriff’s deputies and Murfreesboro Police officers served nine warrants on the suspects charged with violation of family violence crimes, said Capt. Britt Reed of the Criminal Investigations Division.

Family Crimes Detective Monica Fonseca, whose position is funded by the federal STOP grant, planned and coordinated the event and organized the teams of officers.

“We did a sweep in an attempt to serve domestic violence warrants, including attachment orders for child support,” Fonseca said.

Suspects were wanted for domestic violence crimes including harassment, assault, burglary and cruelty to animals, stalking and violation of protection orders.

As of September, the Sheriff’s detectives were assigned 282 crimes related to domestic violence, crimes against families and children and stalking.

This was the first time the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office participated in the 17th Annual National Family Violence Apprehension Detail sponsored by the Clackamas County (Oregon) Sheriff’s Office and its Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team.

Reed said the Sheriff’s Office and Murfreesboro Police Department worked together to serve warrants on suspects accused of family violence crimes.

“It was great to be a part of a nationwide detail and collaborate with MPD to help hold domestic abusers accountable for their actions,” Reed said. “We thank MPD and all law enforcement officers who participated in this nationwide detail.”

Fonseca said teams of officers attempted to locate 65 suspects and served nine warrants.

Victor Polk, 51, of East Vine Street was charged with domestic assault.

Weslynn Powell, 62, of East Northfield Boulevard was charged with criminal contempt for violating bond conditions.

Jonitha Kelly, 30, of Riverwatch Court was charged with domestic assault and failure to appear in court.

Emil Gresham, 41, of Middle Tennessee Boulevard was charged with preventing a person from calling 911 and domestic assault.

Luke Fahy, 22, of Huntington Drive was charged with domestic assault.

Christopher Waller, 37, of Lauren Court in Nashville was charged with violation of an order of protection.

Tremayne McKissack, 34, of Saddlebrook Drive was charged with domestic assault.

The suspects were booked into Rutherford County Adult Detention Center. Court hearings are pending for the suspects.