7 Safe Driving Tips for Eclipse Day


The Tennessee Highway Patrol and Tennessee Department of Transportation have put out some safety tips for anyone who will be on the roads on Monday before, during and after the eclipse

1. Traffic is expected to be, in a word, bananas. So if it is at all possible, plan a van or carpool: for every one person who carpools that is one less car on the road.

2. While you are carpooling— let us assume you took the advice above– remind the driver, or if you are the driver don’t forget, to put on the headlights before it starts getting dark– around 1:15 p.m.

3. Now, while you are driving in your carpool with your friends and perhaps your little ones, with, of course, your headlights on, and the eclipse starts don’t, repeat, do not look at the sun or eclipse while you are driving. Look at the road.

4. And, no matter how cool those eclipse glasses make you look, don’t, repeat, do not wear them while you are driving the carpool, with your headlights on, and not looking at the eclipse. In fact, because the glasses are 100 times better at filtering out light than regular sunglasses, don’t wear them while driving, ever.

5. No matter what, do not stop while driving, in the middle of the road. Keep moving or pull over at a safe location. Because not everyone will be as responsible as you, and the last thing you want is some eclipse-glasses wearing, no-headlight driving rascal who is staring at the eclipse instead of the car or van full of people ahead of him that turns out to be you.

6. But if you do pull over, for safety’s sake, do not do it if you are driving on the interstate. Not only is that unsafe but it is illegal and you can be ticketed.

7. Last but not least, in this sad high-tech world we live in, do not take a selfie of yourself driving during the eclipse. Have your carpool buddies take pictures of you instead.

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