7 Inmates Test Positive for COVID-19


Seven inmates who live in one housing area tested positive for COVID-19 at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center, Deputy Chief Chris Fly said Monday.

“We have seven confirmed cases which are all asymptomatic, not symptomatic,” said Fly, who serves as jail administrator.

The inmates are now being housed separately from other inmates in a medical area and are being treated under the care of Dr. Dan Rudd, the detention center medical director.

“Dr. Rudd has provided guidance for successful testing,” Fly said. “We are listening to our medical staff and taking an aggressive approach to contain and respond to the needs of the inmates.”

Tests will be provided for all inmates. Sanitation measures were increased and masks are available for inmates.

“We are limiting movement within the housing areas until we have clear results,” Fly said.

Two of the inmates who tested positive were trusties who worked in the jail kitchen. The remaining five inmates lived in the same housing area as the kitchen trusties.

They have been given masks and are under the supervision of the medical staff where they undergo routine temperature and medical checks, Fly said.

As a precaution, new inmates are still being quarantined when they are admitted to the detention center.

“Most likely we will switch to perform COVID-19 tests on all new inmates,” Fly said.

No staff members have tested positive.

Lt. Richard Grissom said detention deputies are wearing personal protective equipment when they enter the medical housing area.