7 Great Summer Hacks


by Donna Vissman

On Tuesday, we welcomed the first day of Summer. As the temperature rises, we thought we would share these summer hacks we found at Skip to the Lou.

1.Make Your Ice Cream Easy to Scoop 

How many times have you put your ice cream carton on the counter to thaw so that you can actually scoop it? Simply store your ice cream container in a zip lock bag. You have soft serve ice cream and it also prevents freezer burn.

2.Instantly Cool Canned Drinks

Hot canned drinks on a summer day are not exactly refreshing. If you submerge your canned drinks in a bowl of ice water with a little salt, it will drop the temperature of the drink several degrees in just a few minutes.

3.Treat Mosquito Bites on the Go 

Keep a small tube of toothpaste in your car to treat mosquito bites. A small application of the toothpaste will take away the itch.

4.Frozen Water Bottles 

Headed out to the beach or pool for the day? Throw a few water bottles in the freezer the night before, your water will be cold all day.

5.Create your Own Hidden Safe

You can purchase a hidden safe for your valuables while you are at the beach or pool. Better yet, why not make your own out of a used sunscreen bottle or we’ve even seen baby wipe containers used as a place to stash your keys and cash.

6.Remove Sand with Baby Powder

If you can’t seem to remove all of the sand from your skin after a trip to the beach, use baby powder. It will remove the moisture allowing the sand to brush off. Cornstarch is also another item used to remove sand as well.

7.Keep Those Seat Buckles in Place 

If you have younger children, those hot seat buckles can burn their skin. To keep them from being so hot, buckle them when you get out of the car to protect them from the summer heat. Try this also with baby car seats as well.

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