7 Celebrities and Their First Cars



By Ashley Irwin

Ever wondered what kind of cars celebrities drive? These 7 celebrities, some of whom weren’t famous when they reached driving age, picked some great luxury vehicles as their first cars.

1. Justin Timberlake- Mercedes-Benz ML
Justin Timberlake’s first car was a Mercedes-Benz ML, a mid-size SUV. The Mercedes-Benz ML catches eyes on the road and is classically stylish and sleek. Even before Timberlake became an icon, he traveled in luxury and style.



2. Miley Cyrus- Porsche Cayenne

Before Miley Cyrus became one of the most famous pop artists on the planet, she drove around her hometown in Tennessee in a hand-me-down Porsche Cayenne. The mid-size luxury crossover SUV is a stylish, yet reliable vehicle. It is known for its dynamic performance and variability. Porsche Cayennes are still becoming more and more modern with intelligent driver assistance systems.



3.Jerry Seinfeld- 1977 Volkswagen Beetle
Jerry Seinfeld’s first car was a 1977 Volkswagen Beetle. These iconic and classic subcompact economy cars are some of the most well-known vehicles. The 1977 VW Beetle is now considered a classic and collectible car, but the newer models are still on the road and remain as charming and iconic as ever.



4.Kim Kardashian- BMW 3 Series
The reality TV star’s first car was a BMW 3 Series. The 3 Series is an entry-level luxury car and is BMW’s best selling model today. With multiple awards throughout its history, the BMW 3 Series and Kim Kardashian have more in common than you would think.



5.Katy Perry- Volkswagen Jetta
Katy Perry’s first car was a black Volkswagen Jetta. The pop singer was proud of her classic compact car. The Jetta continues to be one of the more common luxury sedans seen on the road and continues to improve with new production.



6.Lindsay Lohan- BMW 330 Ci
The actress’s first vehicle was the reliable BMW 330 Ci. Lohan actually saved up and bought the car for herself. The sedan is practical and a popular choice for young people buying a car.



7.Harry Styles- Audi R8
The One Direction member’s first car was an Audi R8. When the band started, Styles had just passed his driving test, and the luxury sports car was one of the first things he purchased on his way into the spotlight. The R8 is a luxury 2 door coupe and features some of the most expensive specs. Owners enjoy the great acceleration and handling, along with the sleek design.



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