6 Reasons Why Anyone Should Hire a Personal Trainer


Movie stars use personal trainers. Pro athletes use personal trainers. Models use personal trainers. And while that’s certainly true, personal trainers are not only for elite athletes or those in the limelight. You don’t have to want to be a bodybuilder to reap the benefits of hiring a personal trainer. So what could a trainer do for you? We’re glad you asked!  Here are six reasons why you may want to hire a personal trainer at Murfreesboro Athletic Club.

1) Get Results

If you’ve been trying to exercise, lose weight or bulk up on your own – and you haven’t been seeing the results you wanted – don’t give up! Get a trainer instead. They will listen to your habits, your goals, what you’ve been trying and provide you the much-needed guidance to get you to the next level. They have a wealth of knowledge about exercise, nutrition and the human body. The adjustments, even minor ones, they show you can be enough to hit those results you’ve been chasing for too long.

For example, squeezing your muscles tight for a beat at the top of a bicep curl makes the same curl substantially more effective than simply lifting and lowering your arm while holding a weight.

2) Be Safe

Exercise is good, but it should always be done correctly to mitigate risk of injury. Personal trainers can evaluate and correct your form if need be for a variety of exercises, whether lifting weights or running. If you hit your stride too hard, you risk jarring your knees. A dead lift is an incredibly effective exercise…when done safely and correctly. Bad form could cost you more than just results. It could cause an injury that keeps you from working out for a long time…or worse.

3) Keep it Interesting

Boredom in a workout is bad in a few ways. If your muscles get used to the same moves, the exercises become less effective. If you get bored with a workout, you could get careless with the exercises and increase the risk of injury. And worst of all, if you lose interest, you’re more likely to stop working hard or working out at all. A personal trainer can reduce the likelihood of boredom or burnout by injecting variety, options and keeping it fresh and interesting.

4) Accountability

It’s much easier to blow off a workout or five if no one is meeting you and if no one else knows your goals. But when you enter a relationship of accountability to a personal trainer, you’re more likely to show up for training sessions and continue the workouts scheduled for independent days. That accountability yields greater physical results as well as mental and emotional strength.

5) Someone’s in Your Corner

Having a cheerleader, a motivator and someone who believes in you makes you want to prove them right. People who work out with a personal trainer are more motivated, more dedicated and work harder than those without a trainer…even when the trainer isn’t there! You’ll be surprised to find the voice in your head is your trainer’s reminding you just how strong and capable you are.

6) Personalized Programs

It might seem like a no brainer, but personal trainers develop “personal”ized programs for each client. If you have an injury or medical condition, they’ll take that into account and develop an appropriate exercise regimen for you. If you want to train for a marathon, triathlon, weightlifting competition, obstacle race or other event, they can tailor a program to help you reach your goals.

Personal Trainer at Murfreesboro Athletic Club

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