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Summer fun calls for pie. But in the summer heat, the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven, heat the whole house, and then… wait… wait for that scrumptious pie to cool down before you dive in! No worries, we’ve got you covered. Papa C Pies is happy to have these pies ready to eat as soon as you get home… if they make it that far. These are six of our favorites for summer, whether you’re hosting a gathering with friends or it’s just an ordinary Wednesday night and you want pie!

Tart Granny Smith apples pair beautifully with the pop of blackberries. And when you add a dash of our own cinnamon spice mix, you get a pie filling balanced with warm spices, refreshing summer tartness and just enough sweetness. This pie is so delicious, it takes two of our light and flaky crusts to contain it!

Nothing says “summer” quite like a key lime pie. Using authentic Key lime juice, fresh zest and a touch of sugar makes this pie the perfect sweet and sour summer bite. For a sweet and buttery crust, we use our in-store-made graham cracker crust and top it with freshly made Swiss Meringue. If you live in Middle Tennessee, you’re in luck because this pie is only available locally!


Cream pies are always a hit. And when you add a touch of tropical flavor and texture like toasted coconut flakes, you’ve got a dynamite summer pie. There’s just something about the luscious, silkiness of the cream filling that makes you smile. And no matter where you are, close your eyes as you savor the coconut taste that will transport you to the warm beaches of vacation.

Summertime takes us back to memories of cooling off from the heat in an air conditioned movie theater. This pie is a nod to movie theater candy and cool, sweet summer treats. Enjoy as an afternoon snack on a hot day or serve with a cup of coffee after dinner. You can’t go wrong with this peanut butter pie with cream cheese, real Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and a homemade graham cracker crust.

Georgia and Alabama peaches do their magic! This heavenly scented pie is filled with the sweetest peaches we could find. Cooked with cinnamon and sugar, this peach pie features a double crust. And while it’s absolutely divine by itself, grab some ice cream and try it a la mode! You won’t be sorry.

The strawberry rhubarb pie is such a gorgeous, bright red color, it’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost. But dive into this work of art anyways and you’ll be surprised at the burst of flavor to match the color. Sweet, tart and with plenty of texture to keep it interesting, it’s no wonder strawberry rhubarb remains one of our favorites. If you’ve never tried rhubarb, this is the perfect opportunity.

Pies for Summer Fun

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your summer. Let Papa C Pies be a part of it by taking care of dessert with one of these or any of our other sweet offerings. Looking for dinner or brunch? We have great savory options as well. Find them at 99 Seaboard Ln, Suite 100 in Brentwood, TN. You can call 615-414-3435 to order your pie or find out what’s in the case.

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