5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas


With Valentine’s Day arriving soon, now is the time to order those flowers, get that box of chocolate, buy that piece of jewelry, find that perfect bottle of champagne, or make reservations for some pampering. Last year Americans bought 224 million red roses, 58 million pounds of chocolate in 36 million heart-shaped boxes, $3.9 billion in jewelry, $8.6 million on sparkling wine, and $5.5 billion worth of special experiences. The grand total in sales for Valentine’s Day in 2020 is estimated to be $27.4 billion. Here are 5 Valentine’s gift ideas and where to find them.


While red roses make up the vast majority of flowers bought for Valentine’s Day, few realize it is because they are supposedly the favorite flower of Venus, the Greek goddess of love. They have been a symbol though much of history in Western culture of love, respect, and devotion. But they are not the only flower being given on this day of love and romance.

Susan Thomson of Enchanted Flower Shop on Cason Lane says that there is a new “red” this year. “I have received several orders for Valentine’s Day where the customer has asked me to add orange lilies, orange carnations, or pretty much any kind of orange flower I can incorporate into a bouquet of fresh flowers. Orange is the new red at my shop this year!”

A few other popular options are dark pink tulips, sunflowers, stargazer lilies, and purple orchids. These flowers are chosen for their beauty and ties with spring.


By far the largest candy purchase is chocolates, but Country Gourmet in Murfreesboro has become famous for their Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. Owners Chris and Karen Gerbman are quick to tell customers that they go fast, so preordering is very important. They also have Milk Chocolate Caramel Truffles, and a special assortment of Joseph Schmitt heart shaped chocolate treats.

According to santabarbarachocolate.com, chocolate is given on Valentine’s day because it is considered an aphrodisiac. It was discovered by the Aztecs, and was introduced to Europe by returning conquistadors. Chocolate is said to contain a substance that inflames desire, this resulted in a tradition among European royalty beginning in the late 16th century to give their lovers chocolates mixed with amber to stimulate their love.


Eighteen percent of the money spent for Valentine’s day will be on jewelry. Lisa Halliburton at Bell Jewelers tells us that diamonds are the most romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, and many people get engaged on that day. “However,” Halliburton says, “there are many jewelry fashions with symbolic meaning, such as Loves Crossing at the Intersection of You and Me, a collection consisting of an interwoven design in diamonds with a single diamond in the center. The design is available in a pendant, rings and earrings.”

Just for Valentine’s Day, Bell Jewelers is doing a special promotion by partnering with other locally family-owned businesses. If you spend $99 or more in jewelry at Bells, you’ll get a box of chocolates, and gift cards to Steak House Five, Murfreesboro Flower Shoppe, and Nurture Nook Day Spa.


Like chocolate, champagne is an aphrodisiac, although it was first created by a monk. According to the website vacuvin.com, the monk Dom Pérignon got the second fermentation under control by adding sugar and caught the bubbles inside the bottle by attaching the cork with an iron wire. Before this, his glass bottles kept exploding due to the enormous pressure created by secondary fermentation.

Total Beverage in Murfreesboro suggests a gift of any of their vast array of pink sparkling wine – as it is only real champagne if it is made in the French province of Champagne. But they also suggested a few other, non-champagne beverages. Tequila Rose, which comes in a gift box with two glasses, tastes like strawberry crème. It is great served chilled. Then there is Choco Vine. It is Dutch Chocolate blended with deep red wine. And lastly, there is Dragon Fire Mimosa. It is pretty and sparkly, and is a pre-made mimosa.


Speaking of Nurture Nook Day Spa, every year owner Jennifer Durand is booked solid with couples getting massages together. “It’s a great quiet escape to help couples connect for a brief but memorable time together” says Durand. One of our clients actually said, ‘this is great divorce prevention’ because it is having undistracted, quiet cozy time together.”
For an hour to 90 minutes couples turn off the cell phone and step out of their hectic lives to be pampered. According to research done at the University of Minnesota, massage causes physical relaxation, improves circulation, nourishes cells and improves waste elimination, relieves tight muscles, releases nerve compression, provides greater flexibility and range of motion, and enhances energy and vitality.

In addition to Nurture Nook Day Spa, try Tangerine Salon & Spa  or The Raintree Salon & Day Spa. Both offer traditional spa services, such as facials and massage therapy.

Time Together
No matter what you get for each other for this annual day to celebrate love, it is really about taking the time to disconnect from all distractions and spend a few hours of quality time celebrating the one you love.