5 Unique Items from the Goodwill Auction Site

Every day the Goodwill auction site loads more items from their local stores to give you the chance to find those great, unique items that you may be looking for. This week there’s more featured items for you to consider from a vintage sewing machine to a great handbag to a vintage catcher’s mask. Check out these and other items at the Middle Tennessee Goodwill Auction site.

1Vintage Wilcox & Gibbs Superlock Sewing Machine


This vintage machine could be a great item if you want a table top machine for sewing work. There’s some wear from use including rust and surface scratches. Item is untested, but with some work, this could be a great machine for whatever you need. The best part is that it is currently only $24. BID NOW!

2Vintage Taylor Stormoguide Weather Station


Do you like to keep up with storms and the conditions that surround them. This vintage meter could be a great item for you or just a decorative touch to your space. There’s some wear from use and age including surface scratches to the exterior of the item and silver scratches to the back of the item. This item is untested. $14 BID NOW!

3Replica Samurai Metal Helmet


Have you always wanted to dress like a samurai? Do you have a love for Mulan or other movies and shows that feature samurais? This item could make a great cosplay piece for a costume or just an addition for some themed décor. It’s gently used with some surface scratches to the item, and the best part is the current bid of $7. BID NOW!

4Vintage Baseball Catcher’s Mask


Do you or someone you know have a love for baseball? Use this vintage mask for decorating a space or make some adjustments and repair to use it. There’s some wear from use and age including deterioration on the leather of the mask. The metal part of the mask has surface scratches. Current bid is at $17. BID NOW!

5Tory Burch THEA Tan Leather Chain Shoulder Bag


Every week, it seems like there is some fashionable purse, but this could be great for the right person. This Tory Burch “Thea” British Tan Pebble Leather Footed Shoulder Bag comes with a Chain Strap, 2 Interior Pockets, 2 Zipper pockets, and a Dust Bag. The item is Pre-loved with minimal wear inside and out. Current bidding is at $142. BID NOW!

Visit the Goodwill auction site for these items and other unique must-haves. When you donate to or shop at Goodwill, you help change lives. When you donate to Goodwill, you help provide jobs and free job training services for thousands of Tennesseans. Once each item sells, the revenue from that sale supports Goodwill’s community-based employment and training programs. See one of the many Goodwill Success stories below:

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