5 Unique Finds from the Goodwill Online Auction Site

Like every week, Goodwill has some great finds in their featured auction items, from instruments to vintage to some beautiful house decor. All the items in this week’s article ends Sunday evening, so hurry to get your bids in on those must have items.

1Dean Dime Razorback Electric Guitar

It seems every week we have some great instrument up for auction, and this week is no different. This is an entirely unique guitar, made for a unique person. If you know someone who would love this all-out-rocking-machine, this could be great for that rocker in your life. There is some wear and it needs to be restrung, but it’s at a great price. Hurry to get your bid in today. Bid now!

2Batesville Cabinet Co Wooden 2 Drawer Sideboard

From the quality makers of Batesville, this sideboard would make a great addition to a foyer or a dining room space. It has beautiful detail on the drawers and legs with some small surface scratches to the wood. Grab this great deal and find by putting your bid in before Sunday. Bid now!

3Christina Wu Ivory Beaded Evening Gown

Beautiful designer gown in ivory with simply shape and decorative sequins. This is a size 10. If you have a special occasion or even a wedding coming up, this could be the perfect dress for the occasion. This is gently worn, but will need cleaning. Even better, you don’t have to bid in an auction to get this dress. It’s priced for a buy now deal at $299. Bid now!

4Black Wooden 3 Panel Screen

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the screened room dividers. It might be my love for Asian Culture or it could be that there is something uniquely awesome about something that decorates a room while also being functional. No matter what, this is a great item that could be practical while still bringing some unique decorative value to whatever space you need. There’s some surface scratches to the wood from age and use, but this is a beautiful piece. Bid now!

5Echols Corn Popper Machine

Do you love movie theatre popcorn? Or is there an organization that could use a popcorn maker? Though it shows some wear and tear, the machine powered on and the kettle stirrer was working. For $36, this could be a great fine for your family or group. Bid now!

Visit the Goodwill auction site for these items and other unique must-haves. When you donate to or shop at Goodwill, you help change lives. When you donate to Goodwill, you help provide jobs and free job training services for thousands of Tennesseans. Once each item sells, the revenue from that sale supports Goodwill’s community-based employment and training programs. See one of the many Goodwill Success stories below:

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