By Heather Listhartke

This week’s auction items range from beautiful furniture and display pieces to more practical items. It’s time to welcome the warmer weather with some upgrades and additions to your house with these great items.

1.Electrolux Refrigerator
If you need a refrigerator, this just may be your lucky day. Goodwill has a beautiful French door refrigerator, and it is currently less than $100. The refrigerator unfortunately hasn’t been tested, but this really is a price that can’t be beat.
The auction ends Sunday for this item. Bid now!

2.Handsome Wooden Bench Seat with 2 chairs
Have you always wanted a bench on your porch or in your foyer. This could be a good opportunity. The seat on this is upholstered and has beautiful claw feet. It also comes with two chairs, one of which is a rocking chair, while the other is on casters. Auction ends Sunday evening. Bid now! 

3.Vintage Wooden Film Developer Light Box
Have you always wanted to get into film development and either didn’t have the space or the money to start? This might be your opportunity to take advantage. This light box needs some minor work in order to be usable, but in decent condition otherwise, and it makes for a unique piece to see and work with. Auction will also end Sunday evening. Bid now!

4.Carolyn Pollack Sterling Napa Valley Ring size 6.25
This ring is sterling silver with beautiful Garnet and Pink gemstones and Copper accents. This would make a beautiful gift for someone or be perfect for costume jewelry or a statement piece. Auction also ends Sunday evening. Bid now! 

5.Unique Brass Tone Metal Wall Décor with 2 mirrors
This is a beautiful piece built from Brass tone metal and has two small mirrors as accents. It makes a beautiful statement piece that you can honestly use in any way and in just about any space that appeals to you. It’s in great condition. Auction on this item will end Sunday evening. Bid now!


Visit the Goodwill auction site for these items and other unique must-haves. When you donate to or shop at Goodwill, you help change lives. When you donate to Goodwill, you help provide jobs and free job training services for thousands of Tennessean’s. Once each item sells, the revenue from that sale supports Goodwill’s community-based employment and training programs. See one of the many Goodwill Success stories below:

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