goodwill online auction deals

By Heather Listhartke

1.Original Acrylic on stretched canvas
This gorgeous painting is a night scene of outdoor café seating. Reminiscent of international culture, this painting is bright and rich with color making it a perfect painting for almost any room of the house. It especially compliments any blue and yellow theme. Auction on this item ends Monday. Bid now!

2.Decorative Resin Wall Hanging in a Wooden Frame
This beautiful wall piece would add the perfect touch of color to any neutral palette or make the perfect complement to a yellow or orange color theme. Though made out of resin, it looks like a beautiful stained glass piece of art. Auction on this item ends Monday. Bid now!

3.Original Acrylic on a Stretched Canvas
Do you know someone who loves to collect pictures or sailboats, or simply loves the look of older boats? This painting is a beautiful work with color complements of red, green, and lighter blue, but would also work as the perfect addition of color for a more neutral interior design. Auction ends Monday. Bid now!

4.Beautiful Ridgeway Grandfather Clock
Do you or someone you know love the look of grandfather clocks? I always will remember the one that my grandfather had in his old house before he sold it. Though the clock is untested, this makes the perfect piece of decoration for a traditionally styled home, and may even bring back the memories of those loved ones. Auction ends on Monday. Bid now!

5.Evergreen Plantation Transfer Print on Board
This beautiful wooded road print is a Kirkland’s piece. Great for people who love a bit of nature or even someone who loves literature and fairy tales, this piece reminds us of all the possibilities that the forest has to offer. This auction also ends on Monday. Bid now!


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