pandora bracelet goodwill online auction

By Heather Listhartke

1.3 Orrefors Crystal Votive Candle Lightstones
Are you someone that loves burning candles? Or do you like to decorate a table with them? Goodwill has a set of three Orrefors Crystal Votive Candle holders for auction. These pieces are made to reflect the light off of them and are perfect as decoration or actual use. Add a little glamour to your table with these. The auction ends on Sunday, so hurry and put your bid in. Bid now!

2.Beautiful Asian Themes Porcelain Floor Vase
Last week, there was a beautiful Asian themed chest; this week, there’s a beautiful Asian themed Porcelain Floor vase. The Vase is approximately 30 inches tall and is ornately decorated and painted. If you love Asian inspiration, this is definitely a piece you would want. Bidding on this item ends Sunday night. Bid now!


3.Pandora Sterling Silver Slide Charm Bracelet
Has your loved one always wanted a Pandora Charm Bracelet? Is a birthday, anniversary, or some other celebration coming up where a gift like this would be a perfect option for your loved one? Goodwill is auctioning off one of these bracelets on their sites. You’ll want to hurry as bidding ends on Sunday for this item. Bid now!


4.Decorative Wooden Cat with Mirror Accents
This item is perfect for the Cat lovers that you know and love. This is a carved wooden cat in beautiful dark brown with metallic and mirror accents. This tall, Egyptian styled cat is perfect for decorating or for those that love to collect cat items. The auction on this item ends on Sunday, so hurry to put your bid in. Bid now!



5. CJ Martin & Co. LXM Java Mahogany Acoustic Guitar
For the musician, this CJ Martin & Co acoustic guitar is a great buy. It’s in great condition, with no damage. Bidding ends Sunday night. Bid now!



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