5 Tips for Shopping at Sam’s Club


If you are like us, the weekend is spent catching up on errands which often includes a trip to a local warehouse club like Sam’s Club.

Southern Living spoke to Sam’s Club spokesperson Laura Ladd Poff who shared five tips for saving money and time on your next trip to the warehouse club.

1. Use Instant Savings

Want to make your wallet happy? Shop based on Instant Savings offers. “These saving change monthly and can really help you save some $$$. What’s great about Instant Savings is you don’t need to clip coupons…these savings are automatically loaded to your membership card. This month, Sam’s Club is giving members more than $6,500 in savings and range on items from food to cleaning supplies to health and beauty products,” says Ladd Poff.

2. Enjoy Lots of Free Samples

Sam’s Club associates share that the best time to get tons of samples are on the weekends between 11:00am and 5:00pm. “Hate shopping when it’s busy but still want to go when the samples are flowing? Use the Scan & Go app – this app lets you scan items as you put them in your cart. When finished, you can pay from anywhere in the club and completely bypass the checkout line,” advises Ladd Poff.

3. Buy Member’s Mark Products

As you shop, keep your eyes open for Sam’s Club private label, Member’s Mark. “Member’s Mark products can be found throughout the club and are known for their high quality and great value in categories like fresh and frozen foods, pet supplies, beverages, health and beauty care, household items and baby products,” says Ladd Poff. Instant Savings even apply to Member’s Mark products. For instance, Member’s Mark diapers are $3 off with Instant Savings right now.

4. Buy Extreme Value Gift Cards

For frequent restaurant diners, these cards can really add up. “At 20% off, after buying more than four $39 Extra Value gift cards, you can save enough to pay for a Club membership. You can get gift cards for Zaxby’s, Steak & Shake, Papa John’s, Boston Market and many more, including local restaurants based on your club location,” explains Ladd Poff. “Gift cards aren’t just limited to restaurants. You can also save big on movie tickets and family outings (trampoline parks, Build a Bear, etc.). And Sam’s Club offers discounts on many national brand gift cards that you won’t find at other large retailers like Disney, Apple, Google, Starbucks, Outback, AMC, Nintendo, Fandango, Taco Bell and more.”

5. Get Bulk Items Delivered to Your Door

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club near you, or it’s a bit of a drive, it’s worth exploring the store’s trove of items online at SamsClub.com. “You can find amazing deals online…and have them shipped directly to your door. Everything from surprising items like bulk flowers for your next party and premium sheets and towels to staples like sugar and trash bag,” says Ladd Poff. “And Plus members get free shipping with no minimum purchase on most items!”