dolly parton

Today, Saturday, January 19th, is Dolly Parton’s 73rd birthday.

Here are five things you might not know about Dolly.

1Dolly doesn’t have children of her own

However, she is the godmother of Miley Cyrus, Dolly even made a cameo appearance on “Hannah Montana” where she played the role of Aunt Dolly.

2Dolly lost a “Dolly-Look-a-Like” contest


Parton told ABC in an interview, “At a Halloween contest years ago on Santa Monica Boulevard where all the guys were dressed up like me and I just overexaggerated my look and went in and just walked up on stage. … I didn’t win. I didn’t even come in close, I don’t think.”

3You’ll never find Dolly on a roller coaster at Dollywood


The theme park has been open in Pigeon Forge for 30 years featuring dozens of rides. However, Parton shared she has motion sickness, she even got sick riding the school bus.

4Dolly scored a leading role in her first feature film 


Dolly made her first appearance in a feature film back in 1980. In 9 to 5, Parton has a lead role as a secretary with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. And there’s a remake in the works.

In addition to the original leading ladies, there will be three younger ladies in the film. Parton shared with Cinemablend, “This gives us a chance to have three new young [women], whoever they may be, working at Consolidated, the company that we were with, and then they find these three older women — Lily, Jane, and myself — working out in the workplace, and so they wanna find out what we did. They’re gonna pick our brains for information, so that’s gonna actually lend itself to some really funny stuff, some cute stuff. And then, there’s having six great women, instead of just the three.”

5Dolly appears in the Guinness World Record Book

 She has two world records. One for Most Decades with a Top 20 Hit on the US Hot Country Songs. The second one for Most Hits on US Hot Country Songs Charted by a Female Artist with a total of 107 songs.