Local Living: 5 Things to do This Week

1. Bloom Storytelling and Poetry Stage Presents Dog Days

WHAT: The Bloom Stage, a quarterly multi-genre event presents¬† DOG DAYS: Wagging our Tongues at Summer’s End, School’s Begin, Furry Friends and More

Doors open 6:30 pm, Show starts at 7 pm

Tickets: $10 GA, $5 Students/Seniors (age 65+).

Ticket Reservations should be made to [email protected] and you can pay at the door. All reservations are released 10 minutes prior to show time.

DOG DAYS will feature Tony Woodall, Kory Wells, Author, Dana Malone, Diana Hague, Robert Chambers and Kara Jill Kemp for this performance along with TWO OPEN MIC slots available for this event! (Please prepare 5 minutes on the theme of summer; back to school; harvest; or actual dogs, cats or other pets. Since the term “dog days” goes back to Greek and Roman times, organizers are also interested in work related to mythology, the solar system, or Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Or see our Facebook Call for Submissions page for more details.)

**Bloom Stage is a quarterly event that brings a blend of storytelling, poetry, music, and art to the Murfreesboro stage. The series is produced by storyteller Kara Kemp with assistance from poet Kory Wells.

Reserve your spot here.

WHEN: Thursday, Aug 22, 7pm – 9pm

WHERE: Walnut House, 116 N Walnut St, Murfreesboro

2. End of the Line: An Allman Brothers Tribute, LIVE

WHAT: End of the Line: An Allman Brothers Tribute heads south to Murfreesboro to bring you 2 full sets of The Allman Brothers Band Music! Eat a peach, drink a beer, and come jam!

WHEN: Friday, Aug 23, 6:30pm – 10:30pm

WHERE: Hop Springs, 6790 John Bragg Hwy, Murfreesboro

3. Networking For Awesome People

WHAT: Enjoy great connections and conversations at “Murfreesboro Networking For Awesome People”.

Come ready to introduce yourself, tell your story, and learn about your fellow attendees. Your goal should be to help each attendee and you will benefit in return.

This is not your average networking event! There will be engaging conversation about any new attendees and a weekly topic. Really deepen your referral relationships.

The event is hosting by Inforule Social Media and they will do introductions, talk about our business, and setup up one on one conversations.

WHEN: Wednesday, Aug 21, 9am – 10am

WHERE: Inforule Social Media, 120 E Main St., Ste #260, Murfreesboro

4. Rutherford Roller Queens Women’s Skate Night


WHAT: Rutherford Roller Queens is hosting their first women’s skating night August 20th from 7-9.

$15 per admission

WHEN: Tuesday, Aug 20, 7pm – 9pm

WHERE: Skate Center Smyrna, 1505 Plaza Drive, Smyrna

5. Threat Fest 2019

WHAT: Threat Fest is an annual DIY festival that celebrates the middle Tennessee music scene.

This year’s lineup includes these artists:
Greyhaven (KY) [Equal Vision Records]
Idle Threat.
Bloom (VA) [Artery Global]
En Love (OH) [Delayed Gratification Records]
Faith Holt
farfromit. (OH) [Delayed Gratification Records]
FFN (InVogue Records)
The Low Blow
Maewyn (KY)
Mess (MO)
Mile Twenty Four
Nicholas Wall
Pale Lungs
Purity Among Thieves
Roam Zoetta
Salt Creek – NE
Tummyache (Poor Man Records)
X.Y. Spaces (AL)

Sponsorships include:
Delayed Gratification Records
The Local Wave: Conversations with the Nashville Underground
Outward Conversation
A Voice For The Innocent

$10 for one day
$15 for two days

WHEN: Friday, Aug 23 & Saturday, Aug 24, doors open at 6pm, music begins at 7pm

WHERE: Carpe Artista, 101 Front St, Smyrna