holiday shopping

Black Friday sales are the largest of the year. With every store promoting their sales, it can be easy to overspend. compiled a list of the types of items worth shopping this weekend.

Video games: It’s no secret that most big box retailers will drop a pretty great selection of video games on sale during the holiday season. Even games that are less than a month old tend to get discounted during Black Friday. And not just at big box retailers – plenty of games go on sale digitally on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. Even Nintendo’s eShop has reasonable sales during the holiday.

The must-have toys of the year: Retailers know toys sell during the holiday season and yet they will still heavily discount the hottest toys of the year on Black Friday. It may not be by much, but if you have any of the hottest toys of the year on your shopping list, Black Friday is a great time to pick them up at a discounted rate. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more likely they are to sell out, so grab any Must-Have gifts before the isles are bare.

Movies: DVDs and Blu-rays are still big sellers for retail and they are almost always heavily discounted for Black Friday. If you can wait, it’s often much better to resist the urge to buy the hottest releases on their date and buy them on Black Friday instead.

Smart devices: It seems Apple, Google and Amazon are duking it out heavily for the control of the home Smart market. Thankfully, consumers benefit the most from this kind of brawls, with loads of retailers heavily discounting older generation models and in some cases, even newer models! If you’re in the market to smarten up your home with these voice assistant devices, Black Friday is your best bet for the best deals.

Footwear: It’s not exceptionally well known, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best sales days for athletic footwear. If you’re eyeing any kind of athletic gear, make a point to check out several footwear stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the best pricing of the year.

A few items says not to purchase include: Jewelry, Travel Deals, Clothing, and Big Ticket Electronics like home theatre systems, projectors, and receivers.