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Huseby Homes and sister company LJ Huseby Exteriors are locally owned home builder and remodeling companies founded by Craig and Nichole Huseby. Both Craig and Nichole are native Nashvillians who are passionate about providing their clients with a professional experience. With a core value and mission of β€œTo do things right,” Huseby Homes wants to make your next building or remodeling experience a good one. We sat down with Craig Huseby to learn more about what questions a homeowner should be asking before selecting a contractor. From collecting references,and to assessing cost,Huseby covers some of the important aspects homeowners should be requesting from their contractor. To learn more about Huseby Homes, visit their website or call them at 615-298-9315.

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Do You Have References ?

Ask your contractor for all current active customers and all customers for the last 6 months or year. Anyone can give a good reference but active customers are the most vulnerable and sensitive. Moreover, by asking for the full list for last 6 months you are more likely to get real feedback.
Be mature about how you evaluate the feedback. Some negative feedback is ok as long as it is not a consistent thread or strong concern. All of them should be willing to use the contractor again.

See photos of recent renovation projects just completed by the Husebys and the rest of the professionals at LJ Huseby and Company by visiting their website. If you’d like to speak with one of them directly – call 615-260-3396.