goodwill spring cleaning

By Heather Listhartke

Spring is a time for fresh beginnings, which makes it the perfect time to declutter the house and even do some deep cleaning. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be intimidating. How to do this? Don’t make impossible goals, but simply think about making your home safer and healthier. Here are 5 rules that make tackling spring cleaning tasks easier. Open a few windows and get started!

Rule #1: Make a list and a schedule
Okay, so this isn’t exactly cleaning, but it’s important. Making a list of tasks is a great first step because it can help you stay organized and give you a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Plus, crossing things off a list can be oh-so-satisfying!

After you’ve made a list of tasks, create a schedule. Start with the more time-consuming tasks and make sure to create a reasonable schedule based on your needs. Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be done in a day or even a couple of days. There’s a reason why we call it spring cleaning because you should space it out over spring. The worst thing you can do is overschedule and overtask yourself. If your schedule seems impossible to meet, then you’re likely to give up on your spring cleaning plans.

Rule #2: Start with the kitchen
It’s often the most time consuming and involved because it’s the one room we USE every day. There’s a ton of tips online, but when you clean the oven, it’s actually best to start it the night before and finish it up the next morning. The best products need to sit overnight.  Then, tackle those unorganized cabinets and the dreaded Tupperware drawer or cabinet.

Rule #3: Don’t forget the nooks and crannies
Have you looked behind your fridge lately? Yikes! Now is the time to check those pesky areas that you don’t usually clean, like under all the furniture, the top of shelves, the back of cabinets or closets. Those areas are dust and dirt magnets. You’ll probably be surprised at just how filthy they are.

Rule #4: Deep clean hardware 
When you think spring cleaning, you might think of larger projects like organizing the garage. While that is definitely a noble cause, don’t forget doorknobs, light switches and handles. These are things we touch every day. While you likely clean these on a regular basis, doing a deeper cleaning in the spring allows you to really remove those excess winter germs and bacteria.

Rule #5: The One Year Rule
One of the biggest spring cleaning tasks is deciding to give away items we no longer use. When you’re going through your closet, think about the one year rule – if you haven’t used it in a year, donate it! This is where you have to be honest (and harsh) with yourself. That fondue pot you thought was a great idea, but you really don’t have time for it- donate it! That dress that you loved in the store, but doesn’t really fit- donate it!

Utilizing the one year rule is a great way to declutter your space and declutter your life.