5 Must Have Items for a New Puppy


If you’ve recently added a puppy to your family, you know there’s several things you need to purchase to get your new puppy acclimated to his or her new home. After buying the basics, such as a crate, food and water bowls and dog bed, you’ll want to get some more practical (and fun) items.


Start with a new toy. These toys are great for playing tug-of-war or just simply as a lovey for your puppy to have with them when they nap.


Stock up on natural dog food and treats. Below, you’ll see pumpkin & cranberry treats by Diggin’ Your Dog, which you will love as much as your puppy because they support your pup’s digestive system while also providing a great, all-natural snack. Also, you’ll see Zuke’s Mini Naturals, which are perfect treats to use while training your puppy. They are the perfect size to use while you and your pup work on dog obedience skills. Also pictured is dog food from Orijen and Fromm, two leading brands in natural dog food. Orijen is inspired by a natural diet of whole prey animals, featuring unmatched and unique inclusions of meat, naturally providing everything your dog or cat needs to thrive. Fromm has three unique lines of food offering choices, all made with real, wholesome ingredients to feed your pet from puppy to adulthood.


Your puppy definitely needs something to chew on that isn’t your shoes! Try a Benebone. These products are made of super-strong nylon and food-grade bacon, peanuts, and chicken, with no chemicals or artificial flavors.
three dog bakery benebone


A collar is a must, especially if you’ll be taking your dog out for walks. You can also hang any identifying tags on your pup’s collar, so go ahead and grab one now so they can get used to wearing it often. We just love these pizza collars at Three Dog Bakery in Franklin.
three dog bakery collars


And last but definitely not least, check out this adorable harness from Pinkaholic. A harness is great to use while training your dog, as it allows you to have more control and there’s less chance of your dog getting injured if he or she pulls the leash.

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