5 Local Goodwill Success Stories


By Heather Listhartke

Goodwill is not only known for being a discount retail store but also for how they help people find jobs. They provide jobs for those with disabilities and offer job training and classes to help others who are having a hard time finding or keeping a job. By giving people the skills to work and live independently, they have helped dozens of Middle Tennesseans succeed in finding a job. Here are the stories of five people whose lives were changed due to Goodwill.






1.Antonio Williams
Antonio always had a knack for building things and dreamed of going into construction even during much of his childhood, but by his mid-20s, he was having a hard time finding an employer to hire him, most saying that he lacked the necessary skills. Unable to help support his relatives who needed his support, Antonio grew desperate, eventually applying to Goodwill. He received training in 2014 with basic computer skills, job readiness, resume writing, and forklift operation. Then, he heard about Goodwill’s construction program and quickly applied for the opportunity. After going through the 6-week program, he gained a mentor, confidence that he had the skills, and the chance to work in a field he always dreamed about. He was immediately offered two jobs, one with Lowe’s and one with Solomon Builders. Today, he has his own car, apartment, and is working to become a general contractor. He continues to work with Goodwill, sharing his story to others like him. Just this past September, he gained a scholarship from the program as he pursues furthering his education.

Read Antonio’s full story here.


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