5 Interesting Facts About Elections


Today, Tuesday, November 3 is Election Day. Here are some interesting facts about elections.

George Washington Spent Campaign Money on Liquor

George Washington spent his entire campaign budget, 50 pounds, on 160 gallons of liquor served to 391 voters. Buying votes with booze was already a custom in England. Washington also was following a Virginia tradition where barrels of liquor were rolled to courthouse lawns and polling places on Election Day, states the Constitutioncenter.org.

Election Day Became a Fixed Day in the 19th Century

Congress made a set day for presidential elections in 1845 as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. By observing Tuesday as Election Day, it allowed citizens to observe the Sabbath, travel on Monday, vote, then return home on Wednesday for market day, shared Constitutioncenter.org.

Astronauts Can Vote from Space

Since 1997, astronauts have been able to vote from space. Mental Floss shares, “Once astronauts make their selections, their ballots—PDFs of the paper ballots they’d receive in the mail—are beamed back down to Earth, where clerks open the encoded documents and submit a hard copy of the astronaut’s ballot to be counted.”

Gerald Ford is the only Non-Elected President and Vice-President

The only President and Vice-President not elected to office was Gerald Ford. Using the 25th Amendment, Ford was appointed Vice-President by Nixon after Spiro Agnew resigned. Nine months later, Nixon resigned as President making Gerald Ford President, shared Thirteen.org.

Victoria Woodhull Was the First Female to Run for President

Even before women had the right to vote, Victoria Woodhull ran for President back in 1872. Woodhull was a candidate for the Equal Rights Party. Her platform supported freedom for women to choose who they wish to marry and the right to obtain a divorce, shared Smithsonianmag.com.

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