5 Benefits of a Heated Pool


Though it certainly hasn’t been the case recently, with temperatures reaching down into the single digits in February, Middle Tennessee has excellent pool weather for much of the year. The early warm weather that stretches well into the autumn months may have you thinking of seasons longer than Memorial Day to Labor Day. But sometimes the nights get a bit chilly or an early cool spell hits. Maximize your enjoyment of the backyard pool with a pool heater. Discover five delightful benefits of a heated pool…

#1 Improves Health

Warm water helps your circulatory system by promoting improved blood flow while in the water. Warm water is also soothing and comfortable to stiff or achy joints, whether sore from a great run the day before or experiencing daily pain from a medical condition like arthritis. It also feels wonderful to soothe tired and overworked muscles in a relaxing dip in your heated pool after work.

#2 Relieves Stress

Somehow, a warm pool just makes everything a little more okay. Stress seems to slip off the shoulders. Worries diminish. Relaxation and peace settle in their places. A smile creeps across your face as you engage with your family, friends and children, playing and chatting in the pleasant water of your backyard oasis.

#3 Avoids Cold Water Shock

The weather can change as often as the hour. It could be crazy cold overnight and jump by 40 degrees the next day! But the water temperature may not keep pace. Jumping into a freezing cold pool leaves a lot to be desired! The cold water shock can cause excessive body heat loss. Older pool users may be more prone to chilling. Warm the water up so everyone can safely and comfortably enjoy the pool.

#4 Enjoy Night Swimming

You may have spent extra when installing your pool to have colorful LED lights that allow you to enjoy the beauty and peace of swimming after the sun sinks below the horizon. But what good is the beautiful pool at night if it’s too cold to jump in? A pool heater is just the thing to keep the water temperature pleasing even at night.

#5 Take Longer Swim Seasons

Who wants to install and invest in something you only use for three or four months out of the year? A heated pool gives several more months of comfortable exercise, relaxation, stress relief, and pain relief for you and your family. You are no longer subjected to the whim of the sun and clouds. Take control and extend your swimming season!

Install the Heat Pump With the Pro’s

At Peek Pools, the experts can help you install a heating pump to an existing pool or work with you to incorporate this feature into your new pool. Call 615-866-8800 now to learn more or schedule your appointment. Get ready… pool weather is coming!

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