3 Ways In-Home Care Can Increase Senior Independence


Do you have an aging relative, who has reached a point where they need help with everyday household tasks, running errands, cooking, etc…. but they are hesitant to ask for help for fear of losing their independence? While it’s completely natural for seniors to feel this way, having a caregiver come into the home to help provide care can actually increase senior independence.

Here are three ways seniors can retain their independence in their home with a caregiver’s help:

Getting out of the house to run errands and socializing with a friend or family member are important aspects of independence. In-home caregivers, like those with Caregivers by WholeCare, can provide transportation and even accompany seniors on outings to help them maintain social interactions.

Creating a sense of purpose
An in-home caregiver can help seniors regain a sense of purpose by finding ways for them to be involved in causes or hobbies they care about. Caregivers can research specific charities or non-profits that may need help (whether it’s donating canned items or creating care packages for veterans). These small acts will make a big difference in a senior’s sense of purpose.

It can be extremely stressful if you are the caregiver for an aging relative but also have a family of your own and work. One of the many ways in-home caregivers can ease this stress and also help your aging relative feel confident and independent is by simply providing companionship. Having someone to talk to when you can’t be there is a great morale booster.

Huffington Post wrote it well when they reported:

“Feelings of loneliness can have health consequences among the elderly. Research indicates that loneliness increases the risk of an untimely death by 45 percent among the elderly, according to a study by the University of California, San Francisco. Meaningful emotional contact is essential for an aging parent — even simple gestures, such as having others listen and share words of encouragement can positively influence their morale.”

If the time is right for you to begin searching for in-home care for your loved one, reach out to Caregivers by WholeCare. Their caregivers are proficient in maintaining the delicate balance between providing care for seniors and enhancing their sense of purpose and meaning. Call (615) 420-2931 or visit caregiversbywholecare.com.

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