3 Top Interior Design Trends

If you are updating your home this summer, check out these interior design trends and tips from Carpet One on how to make your home feel updated. From adding botanical items, moving away from minimalist to maximalism and when you decorate in a similar color palette, texture is the key to add dimension. Explore further the top three interior design trends.


The Botanical trend is the latest vibe, and summer is the perfect season to test out the green-leaved waters. From vintage prints and tropical-inspired pendants to area rugs, porcelain tile, leafy profiles are breathing life into interiors everywhere.



While there’s so much to love about simple, minimalist design, this season it’s all about maximalism. Rich colors, bold patterns, and chic finishes are at the center of this more is more design style.



The warmer months may warrant fewer layers, but texture is holding on to its leading role, from floor to ceiling and every accessory in between. Summertime favorites include woven and tasseled cotton throws, decorative baskets, and handcrafted ceramic vases sporting seasonal sprigs.