3 Things to Know About Home Hot Tub Installations


Just about everybody loves a hot tub! While some enjoy hot tubs for relaxation, others seek out these oases for their therapeutic qualities. In fact, physical therapists and physicians recommend soaking in a hot tub to help heal certain injuries. Having a hot tub on your property is definitely a luxury.

Hot tub installation does come with a handful of requirements. If you’re planning to install a hot tub on your property, then you should be familiar with these precautions. Read on to learn more!

1.Don’t Install on Slip-Prone Flooring
Hot tubs are obviously susceptible to spilling water, which can cause dangerous wet floors. Outdoor pools and hot tubs are usually built around concrete or other slip-resistant surfaces, so dangerous falls are not typically the biggest concern. However, it’s important to take the existing surface into account.

With water spilling out of the hot tub being an inevitability, it makes sense that the area around the hot tub be totally slip-resistant. Avoid installing on some types of wood, carpet, or astroturf, as these surfaces do not provide good traction or drainage when wet; carpet and astroturf may look as though they’re sopping up the water spill but in reality the bases underneath these surfaces rot away when overexposed to water.

2.Consider the Walls the Hot Tub Will Be Near
It may seem as though a hot tub has no bearing on the walls adjacent to it, but that’s actually not true. Hot tubs emit a lot of steam, and only certain wall materials can handle that much steam exposure. Cement walls, glass enclosures, and cedar linings are all prefered in areas immediately adjacent to the hot tub. For a hot tub installation to be successful, the surrounding area must be appropriate. Consider how the walls, floor, and ceiling will be affected by the at-home spa when you install it.

3.Know Which Model Accommodates Your Space Best
One of the most essential things you can do to ensure your installation goes off without a hitch is to buy the right model. If you’re not sure which models are great for outdoor use, it’s advised to get in touch with a professional installer. If you’re building a new outdoor space for your hot tub, invite your installer to be a part of the process so that your final plans come together without a hitch!

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