3 rules for meeting the parents at Thanksgiving


The holidays are often the perfect time to meet your partner’s parents. If you are invited to meet the parents for the first time, your outfit says as much about you as your words. And not to put too much pressure on your outfit choice, but this could be one of the biggest decisions of your holiday vacation. Here are few tips on what to wear and how to make a great first impression.

Keep it conservative
While ripped jeans and off the shoulder shirts are all the rage, save that for your date. Wear a dress that isn’t too short or too revealing. Take a look at this great simple dress we found at Southern Vintage Market.


A simple long-sleeve shirt and black jeans would work as well. Still a conservative look, but an alternative to a dress.


Bring a hostess gift
Don’t show up empty-handed when first meeting the parents. Your gift doesn’t need to be extravagant, just a small gesture. Southern Vintage Market carries OAK Nashville candles which are locally made in Nashville.  Every candle is hand poured, infused with natural oils, and each candle comes with matches inside the silk-screened burlap sack enclosed with a  signed note from the candle maker.


Mind your manners and watch the wine
Now would be the perfect time to pull out all of your “please and thank you’s.”  Also, some parents may be offended by curse words, so keep those under wraps until you leave. The most important tip of all-do not drink too much. By over indulging in alcohol you could say or do something you might regret. After you return home, write a thank-you note (a hand-written note will score you major points!)

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