3 Reasons Why Pre-Workout Warm-ups Are Important



Warming up before a workout can be just as important as the workout itself. Warming up helps you get your blood flowing and can even help you avoid injury. Here are 3 reasons that warming up before exercising is important:

1.It Helps Get Your Blood Flowing
A short amount of light cardio and stretching before beginning is a great way to ease yourself into a workout. Light cardio gets your heartrate up at a safe pace and helps your blood begin flowing in your body so you are ready for your workout. It is a good idea to build up your heartrate slowly so you can keep up with the more difficult parts of a routine.

2.It Gets Your Head in the Game
Warming up can help you prepare mentally for physical activity. Even just a few minutes of light exercise can motivate you to work harder during your routine. The manager of the Franklin Athletic Club, Kristi Ensminger says, “I like to think of a warm-up as giving your muscles a ‘heads up’ that you’re about to push them. If you don’t let them know in advance, they’ll punish you.” Warm ups give you a few moments to prepare yourself for more intense activities.

3.It Lessons the Likelihood of Injury
You may be more likely to injure yourself during a workout routine if your body is not warmed up and prepared. If you start running before walking for a few minutes or warming up, you are more likely to pull your hamstrings or other muscles in your legs.

“I had a really bad hamstring injury during college due to improper warm-up before a sprint workout, and can attest to a couple ‘close calls’ on pulled muscles because I failed to do adequate pre-workout exercises,”said Ensminger. If you begin lifting weights before getting your blood flowing, you may injure your muscles during the routine. Just a few minutes of warming up ensures that you are ready to begin a safe and effective workout.

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