24 RCS Freshman Selected for MTSU’s True Blue 100


Rutherford County Schools

Middle Tennessee State University has released its “True Blue 100” honorees and nearly a fourth of those honored attend a Rutherford County high school.

For 2021, 24 RCS freshmen have been selected for the honor.

True Blue 100 is one hundred outstanding high school freshman who share the university’s core values and commitments and live up to them each day — all while excelling academically, according to information provided by MTSU. The university accepts nominations each year.

Those core values and commitments include Honesty and Integrity; Respect for Diversity; Engagement in the Community; Commitment to Nonviolence; and Academic Achievement.

Those students selected for the honor are recognized publicly with special rewards such as VIP tours of the campus, MTSU apparel and other exclusive invitations through high school, according to MTSU.

The 24 RCS freshmen recognized are:

  • Kellita Boles (Oakland High)
  • Madison Degnan (Central Magnet)
  • Hamza Fareed (Central Magnet)
  • Austen Forehand (Central Magnet)
  • Allen Garland (Blackman High)
  • Carter Gregory (Blackman High)
  • Rachel Harlan (Smyrna High)
  • Will Horn (Smyrna High)
  • Benjamin Johnson (Smyrna High)
  • Reilly McMillan (Central Magnet)
  • Katie Narrell (Central Magnet)
  • Hannah Neal (Blackman High)
  • Rachel Oppmann (Central Magnet)
  • Vincent Peck (Central Magnet)
  • Chloe Phillips (Oakland High)
  • Kenya Esmeralda Pozos Ponce (Siegel High)
  • Mariam Ramsis (Smyrna High)
  • Carly Skrivanek (Riverdale High)
  • Brianna Spelce (Smyrna High)
  • Koriana Stafford (Holloway High)
  • Jonathan Stewart (Smyrna High)
  • Ava Thigpen (Rockvale High)
  • Micah Thomas (Rockvale High)
  • Cydney Williams (Holloway High)