17 Reasons to Celebrate National Dog Day!


At Three Dog Bakery, every day is Dog Day. But the nationally recognized day to celebrate America’s favorite pet is August 26th. Here are 17 fun, silly and sweet facts about dogs and why we love them!

  1. Petting dogs has been medically proven to lower blood pressure in dog owners.
  2. A group of pugs is known as a “grumble.”
  3. Talk about loyalty… Bobbie the Wonder Dog walked more than 2,500 miles to return to his family!
  4. Bringing dogs to work can relieve stress… even better when you work from home!
  5. Greatest. Wingmen. Ever! Seriously. Dogs are magnets for other awesome dog people. Whether you are wanting a new friend or a date, dogs have your back.
  6. Dogs can be used to detect bombs, drugs, cancer or oncoming medical issues, such as seizures and low blood insulin levels in diabetics.
  7. Owning dogs can teach kids responsibility, empathy and other lifelong emotional skills.
  8. Duke, a Great Pyranees, was the mayor of Cormorant, MN.
  9. Dogs can sense your mood and are terrific at cheering you up with play or snuggles.
  10. Dogs can serve as companions, staving off loneliness and even bringing purpose on days we don’t want to get out of bed.
  11. Simple pleasures and moments can be discovered with a dog at your side.
  12. Dogs improve physical fitness and encourage a wellness routine.
  13. Dog owners recover faster from illnesses or major medical events such as heart attacks.
  14. Dogs curl up to sleep because of an age-old instinct to stay warm and protect vital organs.
  15. Basenjis are the only dogs that can’t bark…but they can yodel!
  16. Dogs’ only sweat glands are in their paws.
  17. Paul McCartney recorded an ultrasonic dog whistle at the end of “A Day in the Life” for his Sheltie… only audible to dogs.

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Three Dog Bakery treats change seasonally to reflect the flavors and decorations we love as people (pumpkin everything arriving in the cases soon!). We also have allergy-friendly options like wheat-free or grain-free, and multiple textures for the soft or crunchy treat your pup prefers. No need to call ahead for case treats. Just walk in at any time and grab a selection of goodies from either our refrigerated or room temperature cases. Place your order for curbside pick-up here!

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