12-year-old Charged With Joyriding in Lebanon, Murfreesboro


Lebanon Police Department received a call that a 12-year-old juvenile had run away from a residence in Murfreesboro on 05/04/2023 and was joyriding in an off-road vehicle.

As the juvenile suspect made his way into Wilson County, the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office attempted to stop the vehicle and it fled in a reckless manner.

Shortly after, LPD officers located the vehicle and juvenile continuing to joyride through streets of Lebanon. The juvenile driver ran multiple stop signs and was constantly leaving his lane of travel, posing a danger to himself and the public.

LPD Officers followed the vehicle at a distance with unmarked vehicles and without activating lights or sirens, in order to observe and formulate a plan to safely stop the vehicle.

As traffic slowed in front of the suspect at a red light, Officers were able to box in the suspect vehicle and detained the juvenile without any further incident.


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