12 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company before You Book


Moving is a major event in most people’s lives, which means selecting a moving company should also be a huge decision. Many people are unaware that Tennessee is an unregulated state when it comes to licensed moving companies. A local moving company does not have to be licensed, bonded, or insured to be considered a moving business. It is incredibly important for you to ask the right questions and be knowledgeable about the company that you are hiring. The last thing you want is to hire what you think is a moving company, but it actually isn’t AT ALL! TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has put together a list of questions to ask to help you fairly compare the services and benefits of the moving companies you are considering.

1.) Is your company licensed?
As we mentioned before, Tennessee does not require a license to be considered a moving business; however, a license is definitely something you want to look for when hiring a moving company. You wouldn’t want to go to an unlicensed doctor. You don’t want to use an unlicensed moving company either.

2.) Does your company charge by the piece of the hour?
You don’t want to be confused after your move as to why you were charged what you were charged. It is smart to know how the company charges and what an overall estimate looks like so you can be prepared financially on move day.

3.) Do you have a minimum charge?
This is especially important if you have a very small move. You do not want to pay two or three hours of moving when it actually only took one hour. Once again, don’t be blindsided at the end of your move.

4.) Do you have any extra charges for larger items, flights of stairs, or weekends?
This is not unusual as many companies tend to have extra fees for specific situations. Many times weekdays are less expensive than weekends due to a higher demand on those days. More movers may be put on your move to assist with those large items as well.

5.) Do you charge for a travel time from their office to their home?
Once again, this is not uncommon. It is important to know how much that cost is going to be and not hidden until move day. It is always best to have a moving company be up front with their costs.

6.) What type of payment options do you accept? Some companies require a deposit while others are fine with you paying after the move. Also, nothing is worse than having a credit card that isn’t accepted by the company.

7.) Do you have full-time employees or use temp or day labor? Be very cautious of companies that use temp or day labor. That could mean movers lack the proper training to safely move your furniture. The last thing you want is damage to your furniture or injury to a mover on the job. Always ask if the movers are trained and what kind of training process they are put through before going out to complete moves.

8.) What kind of cancellation policy to you offer?
You should always be able to cancel or postpone your move until a few days before. We understand closings change and situations arise. Typically, 48 hours is a good cancellation policy for most moving companies.

9.) Are items insured during the move?
Just because a company is bonded and insured does not mean that your items are completely covered. All moving companies are required to cover a minimum cost of each piece of furniture, and most do not go above that minimum. Be sure to ask if there is extra coverage available, especially if you have several high priced items in your home.

10.) Do you offer free estimates?
For most large homes, you really need have an on-site estimate done. Be thorough in identifying all the items you need moved. Don’t forget the basement, attic, and garage!

11.) Can you offer suggestions on how to make the move easier?
A mover who cares about customer service and making your move a positive experience will do all they can to help.

12.) Do you have a contact number for the day of move should there be any unexpected challenges?
You always want to have a phone number where you can contact the office or a manager. Things can easily happen during a move, and you need to be able to communicate if necessary.

Don’t be blindsided on move day. Asking a few simple questions can help you make a big decision on a very important event in your life. For more information about moving visit our website at www.twomenmurfreesboro.com