$10,000 Reward Offered for Veterans Parkway Shooting


Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office

A reward up to $10,000 is offered for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of someone who shot a Murfreesboro woman April 23 on Veterans Parkway, a Rutherford County Sheriff’s detective said.

The 42-year old Murfreesboro business owner’s identity has not been released yet, said, Detective Jamin Humphress.

“She has been in the trauma unit since the shooting,” Humphress said. “We need your help to bring peace of mind to her that knowing whoever did this will be prosecuted.”

People who have information may call Humphress at 615-904-3054 and leave a message if he is unavailable.

Someone shot the woman about 11:15 a.m. Thursday, April 23 when she drove her black Tesla on Veterans Parkway between state Route 96 West (Franklin Road) and the Kings Ridge subdivision.

Detectives are trying to find witnesses who may have been driving along the highway at that time and may have seen something related to the shooting.

People who may have noticed the black Tesla that morning and have information are asked to call Humphress.

Also, investigators are consulting with Tesla.

“If you have any information at all, please call in,” Humphress said.

The Sheriff’s Office depends on citizens who may have seen something to call in to help solve this shooting.


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