5 Unique Finds from the Goodwill Online Auction Site

By Heather Listhartke

Statton Trutype Americana Wooden Sideboard
Check out this beautiful piece of furniture made from the high-quality manufacturer Stratton. This piece is a beautiful dark wood with small surface scratches that can easily be refinished. If you are looking for the perfect piece for your foyer entry or even for an extra space in a family or living room, this will make a great addition to any house and interior design. If you want in on this, you’ll need to put your bid in before this evening. Bid now!


Razor Bistro Electric Scooter
This item is untested and needs a charger, but is in good condition. This is great for getting around inside the city or simply going through a stroll on backstreets. The beautiful teal color is sure to catch anyone’s eye, especially a young daughter. Give this as a gift or keep it for yourself. With relatively little effort, this could be the perfect transportation for yourself or gift for a special occasion. Bid now!

Razor Scooter


Vintage Anchor Brand Wooden Clothes Wringer
Items like this are relatively rare to come by, and this is in beautiful, quality condition. Made by the Lovell Manufacturing Company, this could be used for personal decoration, to vintage stage sets, to gifts for those people that you know who are into all things vintage. Though this is old, this is still very much in usable condition, if you so choose. Check out this item before it closes this evening. Bid now!

Vintage Anchor Brand Wooden Clothes Wringer



Vintage-Fort Apache Carry All Action Play Set
Vintage is something that Goodwill is known for, and this item could be the perfect quality, good condition vintage pieces that could be used for anything from gifts for the boys or even men in the family, to set pieces for a play, to decoration for your vintage collection with just a little tender loving care. However, you choose to display, use, or share this piece, it is sure to please everyone. Bid now!

Vintage-Fort Apache Carry All Action Play Set



Tricycle 6 Bottle Metal Wine Rack
The last item this week is for the wine lovers among family and friends. This piece holds 6 bottles of wine and is in good condition for placing as decoration, giving as a gift, or using however you see fit. Take a look and hurry to get your bid in on this auction before it ends. Bid now!

Tricycle 6 Bottle Metal Wine Rack


Visit the Goodwill auction site for these items and other unique must-haves. When you donate to or shop at Goodwill, you help change lives. When you donate to Goodwill, you help provide jobs and free job training services for thousands of Tennesseans. Once each item sells, the revenue from that sale supports Goodwill’s community-based employment and training programs. See one of the many Goodwill Success stories below:

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